Eric Koston for Oakley

Pro skater Eric Koston recently teamed up with Oakley to design three models of new shades. The launch party was held on NYC’s LES at the EV Standard.


A.P.C. West Village

2012-shotbyjake-com-0591 2012-shotbyjake-com-0592 2012-shotbyjake-com-0593

The Parisian brand A.P.C. recently opened a new store on W. 4th Street. I was able to shoot their new location, as well as the opening soiree. This is my favorite sequence of the set.

Rothman’s NYC

I probably wouldn’t normally post photos of a retail space on this blog. But, I thought that the new Rothman’s was so dope that I really wanted to share. It is a homegrown NYC business that has been around for longer than most of us have been alive. It recently moved from it’s spot on the north end of Union Square to a location on Park Ave. S. and 18th (not far from the former spot). Here is a little more detail on the business, in the Selectism coverage.