Go Skateboarding Day, with Nike SB on the Hudson


Last Friday was Go Skateboarding Day. Nike celebrated in grand fashion buy constructing a barge and parking it in the Hudson River on the south end of the cruise ship terminal. The Nike SB skate team conducted a demo all evening. Here are a couple of snaps from the event.

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Rag & Bone F/W 2013


Rag & Bone jumped the gun this season showing their fall/winter lineup a week before NYFW starts. It was nice to be on hand to wet the whistle for next week’s action.

2013-shotbyjake.com-3563 2013-shotbyjake.com-3706 2013-shotbyjake.com-3723 2013-shotbyjake.com-3892 2013-shotbyjake.com-3965 2013-shotbyjake.com-4057 2013-shotbyjake.com-4066 2013-shotbyjake.com-4126

Monday before Sandy on the West side of Manhattan

I wandered outside on the Monday before Hurricane Sandy smacked New York City. I didn’t dare to go too far from my house, so I just walked over to the esplanade in the 30’s. The Hudson was starting to overflow its banks, and it was raining like crazy… sideways. I thought that it was appropriate to process them all in high contrast monochrome.