Go Skateboarding Day, with Nike SB on the Hudson


Last Friday was Go Skateboarding Day. Nike celebrated in grand fashion buy constructing a barge and parking it in the Hudson River on the south end of the cruise ship terminal. The Nike SB skate team conducted a demo all evening. Here are a couple of snaps from the event.

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Love and Guts– Eyes Wide Open NYC June 4, 2010


I was able to cover this event for Highsnobiety. Very cool event. The art exhibit was on display in the Redbull space in SoHo. Art on display was created by legendary skaters Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Chad Muska, Pat Nogho and more. The theme of the exhibit was a tribute to those revered skaters who lives were too short. It was a pretty big honor for me to meet so many skaters that I looked up to, as a kid.

loveandgutsnyc-2010-shotbyjake-com-1530 loveandgutsNYC-2010-shotbyjake.com-1420 loveandgutsNYC-2010-shotbyjake.com-1791 loveandgutsNYC-2010-shotbyjake.com-1430 Chad-Muska&Pat-Nogho loveandgutsNYC-2010-shotbyjake.com-1381